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Garage Door Springs
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If your garage door springs are broken, chances are you will definitely notice it. The most common signs of a broken spring are doors that start making loud screeching noises whenever they are in use or they can stop functioning smoothly when they are opened or closed. In extreme cases, your door can even suddenly slam shut when raised. This is because the door springs support most of the garage door’s weight and when they snap, the door is freed from whatever is holding it up. Alternately, because there is nothing to hold it up, the door will also refuse to open. Attempting to force it open is dangerous as it is extremely heavy and the odds it may collapse are higher than the chances of you managing to escape an accident. Broken springs are accidents waiting to happen. Protect yourself and your family by getting them fixed by a professional garage door service provider like us.

We offer quality work at the most affordable rates.

Garage Door SpringsTrying to lift your garage door is dangerous but attempting to a ‘do-it-yourself’ repair job is even more risky. Repairing the door springs is a job better left to the professionals as the risks of injury outweigh the money you can save. Lucky for you, Garage Door Repair Wekiva Springs is just around the corner. We are a company that offers high quality services and specialize in spring repair; so, leave your door to us. Our technicians are fully trained and experienced in repairing every single part of your door. We will be able to fix the springs for you safely and effectively. Not only that, our company offers all services at the most affordable and reasonable rates possible.

We guarantee that if you work with us, you will have no regrets as we are a company that you can trust to get your money’s worth.

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