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Here you will find simple written, straight forward answers to a plethora of garage door questions

What should I do in order to know my door is still unbalanced?

You have to unplug the power supply first so it can operate manually. Raise the door and leave it in the middle and it should stay in place if it is balanced. If it does not, there could be some parts that are malfunctioning.

What are the pros and cons of a chain drive garage door opener?

A chain drive opener is the oldest and most popular type of opener used. This means that it’s readily available in the market. If a part obtains damage, it would be easier to find a replacement. According to our specialists, it’s also cheaper, although the disadvantage is that it’s the noisiest to operate.

What can I expect from a garage door maintenance service?

Annual garage door maintenance performed by our specialists involves adjustment of springs, lock, leveling, eye beam, and other parts. It also includes lubrication of tracks, roller and other hardware and adjustment of the opener’s chain, travel and force. The door is also checked for over-all safety.

Should I reinforce the inside of my garage door if I'm planning on adding a new opener?

Yes. If you don't install reinforcement, damage will probably occur to the garage door and void your warranty. Give our technicians a call and our experts will advise you on the best ways to make sure your new opener adheres to all of the manufacturer's specifications and operates properly for safe and trouble-free operation.

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